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Friedrichswerth, North East Germany

Vision - For the DreamBuilders International Ministry Center
Friedrichswerth, North East Germany, State of Thuringhen

God is speaking clearly and precisely about our future here.

Read about the prophetic dreams!

1. We have a covenant relationship with Manfred Obst Pastor of the Jesus-Haus church here in Bad Langensalza, North East Germany, State of Thuringhen

  • Manfred is recognized in the region by city and state government as a key leader in the community and is actively involved in developing youth for leadership in the local schools. He has founded "Teen Challenge" Drug and Alchohol Rehabilitation Center near Gotha, is active as a civic and community leader and recently was asked to represent the city of Bad Langensalza as the pastor representative for the region.
  • Manfred and Gabi Obst established the Jesus-Haus Church over twenty years ago .
2. Freidrichswert Castle was built in 1677 by an evangelical king of Gotha, and was remodeled by the East German government and utilized as an orphanage and a juvenile rehabilitation center which will be centralized in Bad Langensalza.
  • State the art water heating system (Building has been heated now for 8 years)
  • 90% of all the rooms have been remodeled and sectioned into dormitories, showers, and functional kitchens on each floor.
  • Former Chapel (built by the king) is now a fully functional conference room and dining room.
  • Fully functional coffee/restaurant adjoining the conference room
  • Fully functional commercial kitchen and dining hall that will seat 300 people
  • Multi-purpose training facilities for carpentry, masonry and plumbing,
  • Adjoining property has a large house with about five acres of barns, livestock quarters and graineries, and (also for sale)
  • New roof was added in 2007 totaling 2.4 million Euro
  • Asking price- 1 million Euro (Negotiable - about 1.3 million USD)
  • This will be the base to train-send leaders and plant churches in the North
  • Pastor/Apostle Manfred Obst has mapped 35 cities in the North East German state of Thuringhen that have a population of 5000 or more.
  • Goal - train 70 church planters- couples/Teams to be sent to all 35
  • Eastern Europe national outreach and Discipleship
  • Leadership development for East European Youth
  • Jewish refugees from Russia/Baltics

    • Build the connection of prayer covering from Germany to Israel and India.
  • Provide transitional services for Jewish families migrating to Europe or Israel
  • One year and two year school of ministry
  • 24/7 Prayer/Worship Center
  • Market-Place Ministry Center
  • Business and Market-place leadership and principles
    • Seven Mountain Strategy
    • Church,Family, Government/Law, Business/Finance, Communication/Technology, Arts/Entertainment, Education
  • Year-Round Family and Youth Camps/ Germany/Eastern Europe
  • Conference and Business Center (Revenue Generating)
  • Vocational Job Training and Placement

Google Earth Website:  Friedrichswerth, North East Germany

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 Pictured is a coin minted in 1680, four years after the palace was built. The largest and boldest words: "God will provide for the beginning of our work." Also contained on the coin is the place of origin, Friedrichswerth. If you look at the highest point of the coin you will see the Hebrew symbol for Jehovah!

The king that built the palace included a chapel. Currently it is called the conference room.

 Each floor also has dorm-style bathrooms

On each floor of the building is at least one mini kitchen.

This is the large, bright kitchen with commerial-size appliances seen in the prophetic dream.

"Street ministry in the heart of Germany"


"The next generation has always been a high priority for us."

"This is a Sunday morning service, but it is certainly not "business-as-usual." This is an outeach at a local festival. The "band" the night before was a Goth band."

At each stop Wade and Linda took turns teaching at various places of significance.
Wade and Linda standing in front of the Eastern (or Golden Gate) in the old city of Jerusalem. Wade teaching a delegation of political and pulpit ministers from India in the Garden of Gethsemane - the Golden or Eastern Gate is visible in the background

Linda teaching men and woman from India who were very interested in hearing more about Jesus Christ and his principles of living.  She was standing where Jesus taught the Beatitudes. Wade and Bishop Marc baptizing one of seven people in the Jordan River.  One person was rededicating him/herself to the assignment on their lives, the rest had never been baptized. This is a monumental occasion for someone from India... it is a decision that is not taken lightly.  (Several of them were the adolescent children of political ministers -- future leaders of the country.)

The joy of the moment...